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Mother’s Day 2006

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

A more thankless job cannot be found,
they say every action has a price.
You volunteered for a job that doesn’t end,
A lifetime of under appreciated sacrifice.

You’re never supposed to get sick or tired,
and never be hungry or make a mistake.
You are to give up all “selfish” indulgences,
you’ve become Superman, without the cape.

Over time you forget the pain of giving birth,
the equivalent of being hit by a truck.
It only gets exchanged later by sorrow and joy
when you realize your baby’s all grown up.

Teacher, negotiator, doctor and referee,
you see them at their best and worst.
Without a doubt, the greatest present a Mom can get,
is to have their child say “I love you”…first.

Happy Mothers Day