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Thrown Away

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

After 15 years together as a couple,
having acknowledged each others dislikes we learned.
Watching our contempt spill over on the kids,
our splitting up would be best for all concerned.

Whispers…from the family where I’ve become unwelcome,
has caused heartless damage and an unfillable hole.
In their quest for revenge, they’ve done the unthinkable,
they violated and corrupted my son’s innocent soul.

Being adopted, I couldn’t help but wonder,
about things my birth Father thought or felt.
It’s a weird irony that my son is without me now,
I guess it is true…History does repeat itself.

There is no way to measure the lost potential,
from keeping him, from me, according to plan.
I can only cheer on his life from the sidelines,
praying his ignorant bliss helps shape him into a man.

No day goes by, that when I picture him, I don’t cry.
His absence is so painful, I fight back tears so no one will know.
I fear my daughter’s sanity and wellbeing is next,
she’s already in their despicable crosshairs…one down, one to go.