Joe Assante originally wrote this book with his children in mind. After
a fateful visit from an Life Insurance salesman who asked the fateful,
age-old sales pitch, “what if you died tomorrow”? It started Joe
thinking…he pictured a young man in the Hospital on his deathbed. A
horrified look on his face from the realization of all the things he
will never get to tell his family. The young man wished he could write
down his thoughts and review them so they contained all the wisdom he
would pass along to his family if he were given a second chance. So
that’s what Joe did.

Written in a inspirational/memoir style. This book chronicles Joe’s
life. Joe hopes that by examining his strengths and weakness’, his
children will have a better understanding of the person he is and
encourages other parents to do the same. This inside look at his story
reads like a greeting card that all will enjoy. The book is quaint and
unique. If you read the many reviews you realize just how special it is.

Joe hopes this book will be used as a tool that will help people develop
their ideas into solid thoughts that parents can pass along to their
families. Joe believes that many people are forced to excel at their
jobs to support their households leaving a family of strangers in the
wake. The book is composed in a logical, easy to read format. Joe hopes
that the existence of a book like this will encourage more dialogue
between families.