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Thrown Away

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

After 15 years together as a couple,
having acknowledged each others dislikes we learned.
Watching our contempt spill over on the kids,
our splitting up would be best for all concerned.

Whispers…from the family where I’ve become unwelcome,
has caused heartless damage and an unfillable hole.
In their quest for revenge, they’ve done the unthinkable,
they violated and corrupted my son’s innocent soul.

Being adopted, I couldn’t help but wonder,
about things my birth Father thought or felt.
It’s a weird irony that my son is without me now,
I guess it is true…History does repeat itself.

There is no way to measure the lost potential,
from keeping him, from me, according to plan.
I can only cheer on his life from the sidelines,
praying his ignorant bliss helps shape him into a man.

No day goes by, that when I picture him, I don’t cry.
His absence is so painful, I fight back tears so no one will know.
I fear my daughter’s sanity and wellbeing is next,
she’s already in their despicable crosshairs…one down, one to go.

To my Wife fighting Cancer on Valentines Day.

Friday, February 13th, 2009

All for you

Take my strength,
lean on me.
Use it to be as strong,
as your fight needs to be.

Take my smile,
that I force upon my face.
Made helpless by the fact,
I have no way to take your place.

Take my sense of humor,
take as much as you can.
Laughing at what life throws at you,
is really your best plan.

Lastly, take my love for you,
take extra, and put it in your heart on a shelf.
For the days that lie ahead when you can’t gather
the courage to love yourself.

I love you.

Yesterday and Forever

Saturday, February 16th, 2008

It seems like yesterday,
I heard your name the first time.
Every week as we shopped,
I was following two steps behind.

It seems like yesterday,
when we shared our first kiss.
I was nervous AND excited,
a point you really couldn’t miss.

It seemed like forever,
before I could express my love to you.
And what seemed like an eternity,
before we lived like normal people do.

When I leave, it feels like forever,
until I once again see your face.
So many hours in a day,
that all seem to go to waste,
but, in the end,
it’s our love for each other that I never could replace…
it goes on…Forever.

I love you.

Mother’s Day 2006

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

A more thankless job cannot be found,
they say every action has a price.
You volunteered for a job that doesn’t end,
A lifetime of under appreciated sacrifice.

You’re never supposed to get sick or tired,
and never be hungry or make a mistake.
You are to give up all “selfish” indulgences,
you’ve become Superman, without the cape.

Over time you forget the pain of giving birth,
the equivalent of being hit by a truck.
It only gets exchanged later by sorrow and joy
when you realize your baby’s all grown up.

Teacher, negotiator, doctor and referee,
you see them at their best and worst.
Without a doubt, the greatest present a Mom can get,
is to have their child say “I love you”…first.

Happy Mothers Day