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My first post

How appropriate that my first blog post be made on Valentines Day!

Anyone who knows me, (or at least read my book) knows that when it comes
to my emotions, that I do not hide them.

I make no apologies about how much I love my wife. I am not the kind of
guy who would take off my ring if I am away, go to a go-go bar, or
attend a Bachelor party. It’s not my thing and I invite other guys to be
the same way.

Having been married unsuccessfully before I know that one of my
downfalls was that I led my married life as a single guy. Sure, I did
the obligatory things on Valentines Day, Anniversaries and Christmas
but, mentally I was really just going through the motions. I wouldn’t
commit emotionally to the fact that I was turning over my heart and life
to my mate. So, my marriage failed.

People don’t like to commit 100%. We always feel that we need to hold
back something in case things don’t work out, we will still have the
energy to fight our way out of our situation. I am here to tell all men
that when you do give that 100%. When you look at another beautiful
woman and think in your head, “no, I’m good. I have all in need in life
with ______” You get back what you put in ten-fold. And if you
don’t…choose another person to be with. And if you can’t give the
person you are with 100%, and yet they give you their all…let them go.
Quit being a selfish SOB. I let my first wife go and now that she
re-married to someone who gives her 100%, I hope that she is happy.
Obviously, I wasn’t the right guy for the job, and at least I had the
guts to not be selfish and drain her of what she was offering me,
without retribution.

If you get into a jam, or would like my opinion, please feel free to
reach out to me. And remember, I will be always be in your corner.